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  Get healthy while bathing in the "white gold" of Bad Karlshafen spa

Get healthy while bathing in Bad Karlshafen's own thermal brine. The brine is drawn directly from a well 1,150m below the ground. On reaching the surface it has a temperature of 40°C and a salt content of 23%. Minerals and trace elements are also present in abundance. Bad Karlshafen's brine has a therapeutic effect on the skin, the joints, the muscles and the metabolism.

Enjoy the three indoor pools which have a water temperature of 33°C to 36°C and different brine concentrations ranging from 1.5% to 5% salt content. In our two outdoor pools with a 12% salt content you feel as if floating in the Dead Sea. Swimming several rounds in the large thermal pool will tone up your condition. When you then relax in one of our four whirlpools, body and soul regain their equilibrium. You reach the leisure area which looks onto the river Weser via the large outdoor pool, where you can let yourself be carried round and round by the current by your heart's content.

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Experience our sauna area

In our Mediterranean-style sauna area we offer five different indoor saunas with temperatures ranging from 80°C to 105°C. A steam bath with temperature of 46°C and the 60 ° Saba-Mild are ideal for beginners and for guests who do not like it too hot. In the sauna leisure area right beside the Weser there are two saunas, a Euklyptus-sauna with a temperature of 80°C and a Salt-sauna with a temperature of 90°C. Every day there are 15 different exhilarating aromatic essences to choose from.

A special attraction awaits you on our sauna boat "Jacques Galland". Warm up to the gentle rocking of the boat and enter a realm of pure romance. In summer you can sunbathe in the large leisure area and rest there between visits to the sauna, or you can just relax on the roof terrace or in the conservatory on the top floor in the midst of the beautiful natural surroundings.

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Spa treatments

It goes without saying that there is a large spa area that offers different kinds of massages and cosmetic treatments to complete the relaxing holiday atmosphere. Round of a perfect day's holiday by treating yourself to a pleasant massage, be it a classical aroma oil massage, an Ayurveda massage or a Turkish massage in the Ottoman hammam. Other than that you can choose one of the beauty treatments from our wide selection.

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Our Solium products

Salt production in Bad Karlshafen has had a long tradition. Therefore it seemed only natural to revive the custom of using brine in order to produce the "white gold". Have you ever tasted lemon or vanilla-flavoured salt? Or have you heard about the typical Northern Hessian delicacy "Ahle Wurscht" refined with the fine taste of Bad Karlshafen's brine? At Weser-Therme you can get our salt as plain salt or in the four different flavours Chili, Lemon, Provencal herbs and Bourbon vanilla, as well as the delicious "Ahle Wurscht" (dry sausage). In addition to our culinary delights, we also offer gentle skin care products enriched with Bad Karlshafen's curative brine. Our product line includes Solium-soap, shower gel and body lotion.

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